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Scream 3

What do you think Scream 3 is going to be like? Based on what your know in Scream and Scream 2, plus the rumours listed below, describe how you envision Scream 3 and send it to

Scream 3 Rumours

  • Matthew Lillard (Stu in Scream) will return to play Stu's twin brother.
  • The movie will take place after Sidney has graduated from college and pursuing an acting career.
  • Kevin Williamson is said to have the script ready by April 1998.
  • Two people suggested to be killed in the opening scene are Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler.

Scream 3 Ideas
**May contain Scream and Scream 2 spoilers**

Kevin Ogle: "I think that Gale and Dewey should be getting married at the beginning of the film and have them DIE at the wedding reception because I think it would make and interesting turn of events from the rest of the film!!"
HyPerTiNa: "I think that Courtney Cox will die, Sid will not have a boyfriend, but a guy who is crazy about her and will do anything for her and is the killer."
BravoEch11: "Ok, in a trilogy, I always find that 1 and 3 are similar. Here's how I think Scream will tie in with Scream 3. Sometime during the movie, I think Sidney will have a flashback of the night when her mom was killed, with cameos by Skeet Ulrich (Billy) and Matthew Lillard (Stu). It will probably show them killing her, and them framing Cotton Weary."
ShYgUy1083: "I think that Randy will return as the third killer because there is a lot of circumstancial evidence that proves he could have been a third killer in Scream. And while he may have scored, it seems kinda unlikely, which means that broke the rules!!!! Cause virgins don't die. So I think that he will return in Scream 3 as the killer!!!!"
Scream4886: "I think that in Scream 3 Sidney should be the killer because she has been warped from being almost killed in Scream 1 & 2................"
PhatMik508: "The way I see it, Randy faked his death after knowing that he could never have Sidney. In Scream 3, he will take revenge on all those who mocked him and once again, Sidney will be the target of Randy's affection (so to speak)."
Slayer792: Stay tuned for Slayer792's detailed idea for Scream 3!

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